What are the new SEO trends in 2020?

What are the new SEO trends in 2020?

Every year new SEO trends appear and often the practices that worked in the past no longer apply today. Today, the competition in the online environment is increasingly fierce, and more and more sites are launched and appear on search engines. For this reason, it is important to rethink your marketing strategies and invest in SEO practices, in order to attract as many customers as possible and get as many visits to the respective website or page as possible.


In general, because a site or a landing page(LP)to be positioned as well as possible on Google, they must respect certain seo trends of the search engine: have relevant content, contain suitable keywords, be optimized for easy access both on desktop and mobile and more.


Magnetif presents the top of the latest SEO trends and relevant practices in 2020:


  • A new feature from Google


Magnetif specialists have noticed that, lately, the Google search engine has evolved a lot in terms of user experience. Now, Google offers the best user experience by introducing a new feature: a small informative fragment (snippet), which appears when different information is searched on Google.


Featured snippets usually appear above the first organic result, being ranked on „position 0” on the search engine. In order to benefit from the advantages of this feature and attract as many accesses as possible to a website or landing page, you must know the top of the frequently asked questions and provide clear answers to them.


This feature is evaluated and ranked top by Google, depending on its quality and relevance.


  • SEO andinfluencer marketing


Maybe you wonder what the influencers has to do with an online marketing strategy? Well, we at Magnetif asked ourselves this too 🙂 In addition to the fact that influencers are most active on digital platforms, they can bring many benefits to an SEO campaign, by generating website traffic and building quality backlinks.

Today, people feel more and more suffocated by the aggressive wave of advertisements and are looking for information and authentic content that they can rely on. Thus, the influencer industry has developed more and more: people tend to interact more and more with a public, trustworthy person than with an impersonal advertisement.

In developing an SEO strategy that includes an influencer, several aspects must be taken into account: finding an influencer relevant to your business field, establishing the type of content you want to create and the structure of backlinks.


  • New important SEO factors

The ever-faster connection to the Internet, which provides users with information at a click away, means that the click rate (Click-Through Rate), which shows the performance of keywords and ads and dwell time (the time spent by users on a site or web page), to count more and more in an SEO strategy.


These factors are extremely important in an SEO optimization, because they show the degree of user satisfaction: depending on the time spent on the site or the number of those who access the ads on the search engine, you will know how interested the users are and if they find the information that they need.


SEO practices and trends are very important in a marketing strategy, because Google processes information based on user behavior. Recently, Google has become more and more precise, which means that new changes to its algorithm appear every year.

By preliminarily checking a site or web page from an SEO point of view, by setting SEO optimization objectives and by monitoring and reporting the results monthly with the help of professional tools, an SEO agency can guarantee the success of any online business. Contact us now and discover the advantages of online marketing!